How to get out of a speeding ticket

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DUDE! I almost didn't get this, then figured that I could spare $9.95 if it would save insurance points, court costs, and the fine. Best purchase I've made this year! I was in court for all of 5 minutes (well, I waited an hour for them to call my case, but 5 minutes in front of the judge) and it was dismissed. I took a few questions verbatim from your document, got the answers from the officer I was hoping for, and I paid no court costs, fines, nothing! Thanks, this was way easier than I expected! You should call this "How to turn $20 into $500 overnight :-)" Steve H. (Tampa, Fl)

Very nice. No complicated legalease, and easy for the laywoman to understand. The guide makes sends (sic) and made me feel much more comfortable about going to court. I really was innocent, and got my ticket dismissed. Tara K. (Winston Salem, NC)

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How to fight a speeding ticket

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