How to fight a speeding ticket in court

Plenty of websites will give you advice on getting out of a speeding ticket. None of the websites I've found will walk you through sample court dialogues and explain exactly what you need to do and say to beat the speeding ticket in court. This guide will demonstrate how you can represent yourself in court without an attorney, what questions to ask, what statements to make, and how you can work towards getting the ticket dismissed. If you have a citation for exceeding the speed limit, this guide can help you fight your ticket in court and avoid prosecution, higher insurance rates, and points on your license.

This guide does not recommend taking traffic school to get the points removed, although that is certainly an option that may be available to you. It does not cover the smoke and mirrors approach of requesting documentation from the officer regarding his knowledge of use of the radar equipment or getting the maintenance records of the radar equipment to find descrepancies for dismissal on a technicality. These methods are probably more suitable for a lawyer who understands the exact local laws governing the use of radar equipment and records requirements. The information also does not rely on inaccuracies in the citation. Typos, misspellings, etc on a citation are generally considered clerical errors, and these types of errors will rarely get you out of a traffic violation. Also, this guide does not encouraged you to lie in court - you don't need to lie to win!

There is no 100% guarantee that any document or even an attorney will help you beat a traffic citation without knowledge of your individual circumstances; if there were, this guide would cost much more! It can help you increase your chances of beating the ticket, if you don't mind going to court. It offers suggestions, recommendations, sample questioning of the officer in court, and sample verbal motions to the judge to dismiss your ticket. This is a "meaty" document, not a lengthy document. The text is 9 pages long, and there are three additional pages with charts that help you discredit the radar and the officers ability to judge your speed. There's no fluff, no funny stories or humor, except for one request for dismissal that would probably make the judge smile AND get you out of the ticket, if it applies to you. This contains the raw information you need and how to use it to help beat your citation!

If you do not want to go to court, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS DOCUMENT! The guide describes how you beat the ticket in court, so you will go to court. You will represent yourself. This guide also offers suggestions to help you get out of a speeding ticket if you get pulled in the future, what to say, what to do, and how to best prepare for beating the ticket, while you are being stopped. If you do not want to go to court, this guide will be marginally useful to you.

I really am innocent, what can I do? This is the document for you! The presumption of this entire document is innocent until proven guilty, and if you truly are innocent, then every option in this guide should help you get your case dismissed!

I'm guilty, but I don't need the points and insurance increases. Will this help? More than likely it will, but you have to evaluate your individual situation and READ this entire page, paying particular attention to the paragraph below regarding how fast you were going! That can make a difference in how effective this guide will be.

Do I need to read this information before getting pulled over? It would probably help, but the information in this guide can still help you prepare for your court case and win in court. If you were abusive or disrespectful in any way to the officer during the traffic stop, then this may not help you as much. It will definitely help you if you are stopped in the future, but being abusive could have already sealed your fate. If you were speeding in excess of 20 miles per hour over the speed limit this might be of limited use, though depending on your exact circumstances, there are still methods you may be able to use to get the ticket dismissed.

I was clocked with laser, will this guide help? Laser can sometimes be more difficult to beat; however, there are still methods in this document that you can use to plead your case and win, even if you were the only car on the road. Having multiple cars around you at the time you were clocked will definitely help, but you can still win without having more traffic around you - all you need to do is create reasonable doubt in court, and this guide is full of legitimate methods to create reasonable doubt!

What if my court date is tomorrow, will this help? Very possibly! The guide should not take more than 15 or 20 minutes to read and understand. You will need to prepare for court, which could take from 1 to 3 hours, but there is plenty of useful information in this guide that you can use immediately to prepare for court.

I'm an attorney - will this guide help me? That depends, I'd like to think that if you are an attorney, you would already ask these questions, however, I suspect many attorneys focus on beating radar by questioning maintenance records and officer training on the equipment. If this is your only method of fighting traffic citations, I think this document may offer some refreshing ideas for questioning the officer. If you are an attorney and you purchase this guide, please provide your feedback via the Contact Us page - we would appreciate your comments.

This guide is available for only $9.95!   Purchase Now!  This is an incredible deal, especially considering what it can save you in attorney fees and citation costs when you win in court. Again, no one can guarantee that you will beat a traffic violation in court without knowledge of your individual circumstances, but this document should significantly increase your chances. Money Back Guarantee - if you use at least 4 of the techniques mentioned in this document in court, and your case is not dismissed, simply request a transcript of your trial, send us a certified copy of your court transcript, and we will refund 100% of your purchase price!

If your traffic violation is a criminal violation instead of an infraction, this document will not help you. You need an attorney!

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